Burn Boxing and Fitness

World-class Facility

All the facilities you would ever need under the one roof!! Tons of boxing bags, cardio machines, spin bikes and weights. No Excuses…

On-site Shower Facilities

Like to train before work? We’ve got you covered. Burn Boxing and Fitness has on-site shower and toilet facilities for you to use.

Energy Conscious

Burn Boxing and Fitness believes in energy conservation which is why where possible all our lights have been replaced with LED including our highbay lights and our bathrooms are on sensors so the lights come on only when needed – same for the instantaneous hot water.


Group Fitness Classes

Everyone knows that training in a group is highly motivating, less intimidating and effective way to train rather than training on your own. At Burn Boxing and Fitness we run up to 75 group fitness classes to suit all fitness and age levels. Our classes comprise of strictly boxing focused beginner level classes such as our most popular Boxing Circuit class right through our gut-wrenching advanced classes such as Plyo Burn and Crossbox which are designed to really test your limits. We run classes starting from 6am, mid-morning, lunchtime and afternoon/evening classes so there is almost always a class running to suit everyone’s schedule! To keep you motivated and to also keep shocking your body, we change our timetable every 2 months so your body doesn’t get a chance to stagnate and you don’t get bored of the same routine. With our highly skilled and motivating trainers there to push you, every step of the way, together with a change in your diet and the ability to push yourself to your absolute limit, we are certain that you too could become one of Success Stories in a matter of months!! Put in the hard work now and your body will reward you in the future!

Personal Training

Personal Training can help you accelerate you to your fitness and weight loss goals through a tailored personal training program. Speak to one of our trainers on how you can get started today. We offer PT sessions to members as well as non-members (varying price for non-members) so you can still be trained by our expert team without being a member.

Parents Classes

Can’t get to the gym because you have to look after the kiddies?? Well, at Burn Boxing and Fitness that excuse doesn’t fly because you can bring your little ones along!! Introducing Burn’s infamous fun and interactive Parents Class which gives parents the opportunity to train in the company of their own children. The 30 minute classes are suitable for all fitness levels and vary each day so you never know what you are going to get!! And by the way you don’t need to bring children to be able to participate in this class. The Parents Class is open to all members!!



For those seeking extra guidance when it comes to food and diet, one-on-one nutrition assessments with a certified nutrition coach are available. See reception for booking enquiries.

Sporting & Corporate Group Training

Burn Boxing and Fitness, together with its world-class trainers, is more than equipped to train your sporting or corporate leadership team. Whether it is for pre-season preparations or as a corporate team building exercise, the dedicated team at Burn Boxing and Fitness can tailor a program for your organisation.





Starting off as a member at a boxing training facility in 2009, Denis fell in love with the art of boxing and after seeing the amazing results in other members (and himself), decided to open up his very own boxing facility with his wife Gulsen in 2011. He then commenced his PT course immediately thereafter. Through his new found love of boxing, he realised his passion to train others and help them reach their fitness goals through the art of boxing.
“Since joining as a member myself in 2009, each day I have a greater appreciation for the art of boxing. I remember my first day walking into the gym knowing absolutely nothing about boxing, I now know that with hard work and dedication you CAN achieve anything. With proper guidance, expert knowledge and motivation, which is what we are dedicated to offering at Burn, we can help you achieve the results you are striving for!”





  • Certificate in Nutrition and Diet

It wasn’t too long before Gulsen’s passion for attaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, even as a kid, turned into a dream of helping others to improve their health and change their lives. Having shed over 20 kilos after each of her two children she knows what it takes and how hard it can be. Gulsen’s dedication to help others reach their fitness and health goals is now a part of her every day life. Through the unique weight-loss and nutritional programs offered at Burn Boxing and Fitness, Gulsen’s expertise and knowledge has helped many of our members to develop a proper relationship with food in order for them to achieve the best results, and in turn succeed in and maintain a healthy way of life.


“One of my greatest satisfactions in life is to help people reach their health goals, and most importantly – maintain it. The key to succeeding is first believing that you can achieve it.”


DIET is more important than training if you want to lose weight

For weight loss it is 20% training and 80% diet!!


Achieving goals in fitness and weight loss can be tough especially when it comes to finding the motivation to transform our body as well as our lifestyle. Here at Burn Boxing and Fitness we feel that the success of others can be just the inspiration we need to start our own fitness and weight loss journey. Please take the time to browse through the many member’s inspiring success stories.

If you have achieved your fitness and/or weight loss goals and want to tell the world, please email your testimonial and before/after pictures to

Amanda and Craig



Please click on the timetable to view larger version or click here for printable PDF version





When you need a degree in economics just to make heads or tails of what’s included in a gym membership and you’re about ready to give up and walk away, you’ll be pleased to know that at Burn Boxing and Fitness, we like to keep things very simple.

Our club memberships are all-inclusive. That means you can attend ANY class, ANY time as many times per day or week as you like. Plus you have access to our strength and cardio zones as well.

Don’t want to join into class and just come in and pound the bags at your leisure? You can do that as well!!

All this for not $60 /wk, not $40 /wk but from as little as $25 /wk! That’s less than the cost of one PT session!

FLEXI Program$35.00/wk
RESULTS Program$25.00/wk


Last timetable for 2016!
March timetable now online.
Our first timetable for 2016 is not online!!
September to October Timetable now online!!
5 ways to stay fit during winter
New July/August Timetable now online!!
Tough Mudder 2015
New Timetable – 1.1.15 – 28.2.15


Q: How many classes can I attend as a member?

A: As a member you are welcome to attend as many classes as your body can handle. Remember that 2 classes in a row can potentially burn up to 600-700 calories!!

Q: Do I have to do classes?

A: No. We have plenty of bags so if there is a class on but you just want to practice yourself, find a space on the floor and go for it.

Q: Do I have to book in for a class or can I just turn up?

A: You don’t have to book in for any of our classes. We don’t limit class sizes. The only class that is limit is our Spin ‘n Box class. For that class you will need to pick up a token from reception in order to secure a bike in the class. It is important that you are on time. All our classes commence with a 3 minute warm up. If you are late and don’t make it into the warm-up round then it is the trainer’s choice as to whether they will allow you to enter the class.

Q: What are the wraps for and do I have to wear them?

A: Wraps are an important part of boxing training. When put on correctly they are designed to protect your hands and wrists from injury. At Burn wraps are compulsory and must be worn in the classes where indicated in our class descriptions. If you are unsure of how to apply wraps, come and see a trainer or one of our reception staff. We will also be producing a video showing how to wrap your hands using both the basic and advanced techniques.

Q: What should I wear?

A: All you need to wear is comfortable gym appropriate clothing and shoes. What we do not deem appropriate are crop-tops, denim, thongs, shoes and/or boots.

Q: If I have not trained in a while, how often should I train?

A: If you are new to fitness training or coming back after a long break, we feel that 3 x 30 minute classes per week is a great starting point. Pushing yourself to do a 1 hour block of classes 5 – 7 times per week may result in you getting injured and/or sick and we don’t want that. We want you to achieve the results you are seeking but it must be done in a controlled manner and we want you to keep coming back. Put in a decent effort in your 3 classes per and you WILL start to see results.

Q: I have never boxed before. Will I be able to participate?

A: At Burn we are not a gym that does a little bit of boxing… We are facility that focuses on boxing and we also have a bit of gym weights. Because of that all our trainers are skilled in the art of boxing and will be able to properly instruct and correct technique where required. If you want a one-on-one session with one of our trainers to bring your skills up-to-speed then speak to our reception staff which can explain how you can book into a Boxing Technique Session.

Q: I have heard that boxing training is pretty intense and I do
not think I am fit enough. What should I do?

A: At Burn we offer beginner classes right through to advanced classes suitable for all fitness levels, ages, gender and skill level. Our classes are specifically designed to progress you from beginner through to advanced in no time. Rest assured that only after a couple of weeks you will be well on your way to improving your fitness… Check out our timetable and grab yourself a copy.

Q: I used to be fit when I was younger but after having my children I have put on some weight and I do not think I would feel comfortable training amongst super fit members? Should I lose some weight before I join so I fit in?

A: Definitely not. That’s what we’re here for. You’ll be surprised, the super fit members only make up a small minority of our membership base where the rest come in all shapes, sizes and ages. The thing about boxing training is that it is you and the bag – you have 3 minutes to per round to work at your highest intensity so you don’t have time to even look at everyone else. The great thing about Burn is that all our members are here with a common goal so you will definitely not feel out of place.

Q: I have always wanted to get back into training after having kids but I have not been able to find a facility where I can bring my kids along? Can I bring my kids along to your classes?

A: Absolutely!! Between 9am-11am Monday to Friday you can come to our facility and train whilst your kids are with you. We also run a specific Parents Class at 9:30am every morning Monday – Friday. We have toys the kids can play with and in most cases the kids play in the ring with the other kids. The Parents Class is a mystery class so the trainers can either make up their own class or they may run any class from our timetable. Come in and give it a go. You will not be disappointed.

Q: Can my mates and I spar in the ring?

A: No. The ring can only be used under the direct supervision of a qualified boxing coach. Also sparring isn’t permitted unless you have signed a waiver and have the correct equipment such as mouth guard, head gear and groin protection.

Q: What do I get for my membership?

A: At Burn we believe that you get what you pay for. For example at regular gyms you pay a smaller entry fee or membership but for that you normally receive no support or guidence in ensuring you are doing exercises right or using the equipment in the correct fashion. Also if the facility has aerobics classes, you would normally have to pay extra for these. More importantly in most cases they don’t provide specific boxing classes – which most people are starting to realise is the quickest way to get physically fit and toned as opposed to walking on a treadmill or lifting weights. At Burn Boxing and Fitness, we offer a world class facility with fully qualified personal trainers that specialise in boxing, offering the highest level of customer service and support. Any time you train at Burn there is always a personal trainer on site ready to assist you in any way possible. Best of all, all we do is boxing focused classes and training drills. On top of that, we have weights and cardio equipment for you to use. Best of all there is no limit on the number of classes you can do every week. We have up to 50+ classes to chose from and our timetable changes every 2 months so there is always something new to re-stimulate your training. And if classes necessarily aren’t your thing then you can just come in and use the equipment if it isn’t occupied by a class. If you have any further questions please feel free to call us on 8339 7979 or come and see us at reception 7 days a week!

Q: I am not sure if I want to join, so do you have casual classes?

A: Yes – but our casual price is for a visit and not per class. So if you pay for a casual visit you can stay for as long as you like and do as many classes as you can in that visit. You could also do a class then jump on the treadmill afterwards or perhaps use some of our weights in the weights area. The one off casual visit price is $20 but we do also offer a 10 visit pass for $150 (up front) so that works out to be $15 per visit.

However if you are looking to train consistantly more than twice a week then a membership is the far more economical option because for the set weekly direct debit fee you can train as often as you like.


Pay us a visit, our doors are always open!

Our facility is located at:
312 Hume Hwy
Craigieburn, VIC 3064

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