5 ways to stay fit during winter

We all know how hard it is to stay motivated during the colder winter months so here’s 5 ways to stay fit and motivated during Winter.

1. Go straight to the gym after work

I’ve often said that the couch at home is the single greatest killer of fitness motivation. As soon as you physically step through the front door after a long day at work and sit on the couch, subconsciously your brain has switched off for the day. Once you sit on the couch is it much harder to then pick yourself up, put your gym gear on and head to the gym for a workout. So plan your day so that you don’t need to go home before visiting the gym. Have you gym gear packed in the car, have a light afternoon snack to get you energised for your workout and go straight to the gym after work!

2. Make the most of every moment

If you find the morning too cold, and by the evening you’re too tired, look for ways to integrate exercise into your day. Generally the afternoon is the warmest part of the day so on your lunch break throw on a scarf and beanie and go for a brisk 20-minute power walk. Every kilometre or so stop and do some squats, lunges and maybe a couple of pushups on a fence or park bench and voila you’re done!! If you work in an office environment, encourage a work colleague to walk with you. Nothing passes the time quicker than having a nice chat whilst your walking.

3. Don’t let a cold cancel your routine

Illness during winter (or any part of the year for that matter) is a common setback to maintaining a winter exercise routine. One of the many benefits of regular exercise is a healthy and resilient immune system, which helps you recover faster, and also makes you less likely to catch a cold in the first place. If you do happen to get sick, try gentler activities such as stretching to maintain good habits. Keeping up with your routine will make it easier to get back into routine when you’re feeling 100% again!

4. Book an active midwinter escape

A short trip to somewhere sunny can help you beat the winter blues and offers an excellent chance to get active as well. Or perhaps embrace the cold and partake in winter activities such as snowboarding/skiing, or for those a little more daring, how about trying cycling or hiking!!

5. Be positive

Having a positive mindset is the best approach when it comes to your winter exercise routine. After all, there are some excellent advantages to exercising during winter. Winter is an ideal time to lose weight as your metabolism naturally speeds up to help you keep warm. Keep moving through winter and you’ll be a step ahead when the warmer weather arrives.


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