Our workouts are designed to keep you both cardio and physically fit all in the comfort of your own home with little to no equipment.


Connect with the rest of the community through our Private Facebook Group - [email protected]


With more than 300+ workouts available in our library, you're never short of a workout to do at your leisure.

As we have put into mandatory lockdown once again, which prevents us all from training at Burn, we have been instructed to suspend all memberships until further notice.

Therefore we have decided to re-start our [email protected] Virtual Training Platform.

Like last time this is a subscription based service managed through PayPal. You can subscribe by clicking the button below.

Once subscribed you will be granted access to our Private Facebook Group – [email protected]

You will get instant access to an already extensive library of workouts recorded in the previous lockdowns PLUS we will be running one LIVE workout a day Mon-Fri at 6pm and Saturday at 9am.

The workouts will run through Facebook LIVE through the Private Group.

All workouts will be done through Facebook LIVE instead of ZOOM just keep things less complicated.

If you miss out on the workout at 6pm during the weeknights or 9am on Saturdays, these workouts will always be available for you to do at your leisure at a later time.

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