Our workouts are designed to keep you both cardio and physically fit all in the comfort of your own home with little to no equipment.


Through the ZOOM service we are able to continue to connect with our [email protected] members in the LIVE workouts.


Get access to 8 workouts (5 LIVE and 3 Pre-recorded) every week plus much, much more!

As we enter our second phase of the lockdown, for another 4 weeks, we have decided to restart the [email protected] virtual program so you can continue training with us for the next 4 weeks (fingers crossed).

During the first phase lockdown we thoroughly enjoyed training with all those joined in on the LIVE workouts daily and so now we are ready to do it all over again!

For those joining us for the first time, you’re in a great position because not only do you get to train LIVE with us every day (and twice a day if you’re keen) but you also have access to over 100+ recorded workouts that you can chose from!

With 2 LIVE workouts per day (Monday to Friday) and 3 EXTRA workouts per week, that’s 8 workouts that you can access anytime, anywhere.

If you missed a LIVE workout, they are all recorded and uploaded to the private Facebook group, for you to access anytime!

Continue to connect and have FUN with the [email protected] Community through ZOOM LIVE workouts!

These workouts are a fun and efficient way to get your heart rate up through high intensity intervals, short rests and athletic based movements.

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