Here’s an amazing inspirational story from a working mother of 4, who’s made a tremendous transformation in not only her body image but her mindset aswell…

I started at Burn in August 2013 with no goals and no motivation. My friends were the ones that encouraged me to join. So I went along for the social side of it. I was attending 3-4 times per week. I didn’t think I’d see change in my body. I wasn’t a big girl, but like most women I had my stubborn areas that I needed to target and I wasn’t toned.

In Feb-March 2014 my motivation button switched on to train harder. I began to see change, definition and tone in my body.

The hard work, time and effort started to pay off. I believe when you see change it becomes an addiction. Out of the 16 hours that I am awake, I commit 60-90 minutes of my day to workout at Burn 5-6 days a week.



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