Group Fitness Classes

Everyone knows that training in a group is highly motivating, less intimidating and effective way to train rather than training on your own. At Burn Boxing and Fitness we run up to 75 group fitness classes to suit all fitness and age levels. Our classes comprise of strictly boxing focused beginner level classes such as our most popular Boxing Circuit class right through our gut-wrenching advanced classes such as Plyo Burn and Crossbox which are designed to really test your limits. We run classes starting from 6am, mid-morning, lunchtime and afternoon/evening classes so there is almost always a class running to suit everyone’s schedule! To keep you motivated and to also keep shocking your body, we change our timetable every 2 months so your body doesn’t get a chance to stagnate and you don’t get bored of the same routine. With our highly skilled and motivating trainers there to push you, every step of the way, together with a change in your diet and the ability to push yourself to your absolute limit, we are certain that you too could become one of Success Stories in a matter of months!! Put in the hard work now and your body will reward you in the future!

Personal Training

Personal Training can help you accelerate you to your fitness and weight loss goals through a tailored personal training program. Speak to one of our trainers on how you can get started today. We offer PT sessions to members as well as non-members (varying price for non-members) so you can still be trained by our expert team without being a member.

Parents Classes

Can’t get to the gym because you have to look after the kiddies?? Well, at Burn Boxing and Fitness that excuse doesn’t fly because you can bring your little ones along!! Introducing Burn’s infamous fun and interactive Parents Class which gives parents the opportunity to train in the company of their own children. The 30 minute classes are suitable for all fitness levels and vary each day so you never know what you are going to get!! And by the way you don’t need to bring children to be able to participate in this class. The Parents Class is open to all members!!



For those seeking extra guidance when it comes to food and diet, one-on-one nutrition assessments with a certified nutrition coach are available. See reception for booking enquiries.

Sporting & Corporate Group Training

Burn Boxing and Fitness, together with its world-class trainers, is more than equipped to train your sporting or corporate leadership team. Whether it is for pre-season preparations or as a corporate team building exercise, the dedicated team at Burn Boxing and Fitness can tailor a program for your organisation.

12 Week Weight Loss Program

If you’re needing to kickstart your weight loss journey but don’t know where to start or don’t have the time, then Burn Boxing and Fitness’ 12 Week Weight Loss Program is for you. Learn all the ins and outs about losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle through your personalised nutrition plan and one-on-one nutrition coaching. As part of the program you receive:

  • Weekly consultations with your nutrition coach
  • Weekly weigh-ins
  • Meal plans
  • Monthly measures
  • Before and After photos